I sure love a park day—even when it’s mostly about humans stuffing their mouths with food. That’s why I didn’t complain when my pawrents took me today to Smorgasburg in Prospect Park. Besides, in order to get there, we had to walk across the park anyway, so I had got my fun before we even sat down. We even found a nice grassy area with no people around where I could run in circles!

Once I exhausted my great puppy energy, we walked right to the food courts, and the smells that hit us were almost too much! The beef, the pork, the chicken, not to mention all the puppy butts because many humans brought their doggos with them, too. My pawrents got some snacks and made themselves comfortable on the blanket, while I stood on guard. Some say I take the job too seriously, but assuring safety of my humans—and their food—is no joke, so I had to make sure no one broke the safety perimeter.

Thankfully, nobody tried to invade our privacy too much. We spent quite some time sitting there. My humans kept getting more food. It’s funny how they always say I’m crazy about snacks and would do anything for chicken, while they themselves go bonkers around food. They stopped eating eventually, though, and we took off for another walk around the park.

I enjoy Prospect Park very much. For one, it’s big, which means there’s much space for running and much stuff to sniff. Secondly, you can meet many pups and even more humans, especially on a sunny Sunday like today. There are many lawns where I can run, and once I’m all out of energy, I can sit on the grass and chew a stick, or take a short nap. What’s more, my humans seem to enjoy it very much, too, and it simply makes me happy to see them in a good mood. It’s just a good way to spend your Sunday.

We enjoyed ourselves so much, we decided to walk all the way home. I really didn’t want it to end, but I was also getting really tired. On our way, we saw beautiful cherry blossoms and some bizarre long-necked pups with weird paws. I was kind of curious about them but I was scared to come close, so they remain mystery for now. Maybe I’ll find out more about them on the next big adventure.

Your munchkin,

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