Playdate at Boris & Horton

Some say dogs have pretty good lives. And although it’s true for the most parts (duh, belly rubs), there are times when a dog can feel unwanted in the city. Few establishments allow dogs, even fewer welcome them. So imagine my delight when I found out about a place that not only welcomes dogs but also makes them the focal point of the entire business.

I’m talking about Boris & Horton, of course. It’s a dog friendly coffee shop in East Village we visited today. The place is divided into two separate rooms: the boring one where humans can get their food and drinks, and one where all the dogs can roam free. That’s where we headed straight away. The second we entered, a welcoming committee approached consisting of several dogs. One of them was my playdate Anakin. He’s about my size and about as fluffy as me. My humans say that, short of the color, we look almost the same. I disagree. I’m clearly much cuter. My fur is softer, and I got little pink patches on my nose and paws. Besides, I’m a lady, and Anakin is a rowdy boy, always looking for trouble. But he’s alright otherwise. I guess he’s pretty in his own way, and his butt smells nice.

Just when we settled, my humans decided to go to the other part of the cafe and get some food and drinks. I was pretty sure they would come back soon, but I don’t like to take chances like that, so I jumped on a seat by the dividing window and observed to make sure they were close. Eventually they came back with tea and toasts but brought nothing for me (figures). Though I shouldn’t complain because I got my own chicken jerky, and you pretty much can’t beat chicken.

While humans were snacking, Anakin and I set out to make some friends. Sadly, neither Boris nor Horton were present today, but otherwise there was no shortage of puppies. All kinds of dogs visit: small ones and big ones, shy ones and trouble makers. Some explore with caution, limiting themselves to sniffing, while others jump (often literally) at every opportunity to cuddle with humans. Bigger dogs sometimes cause problems, as they are tall enough to steal food from the tables (lucky them). Overall, it’s a very playful bunch. It’s good to have a place where we can all come out of our shells and just be ourselves without being leashed by the usual rules and limitations.

We also made friends with some nice humans who were feeding us treats. They can’t help themselves because they find us so cute, and rightly so.

Besides being a coffee shop, Boris & Horton sell dog stuff, such as treats and toys. My pawrents bought me a stuffed doughnut, which I would later destroy in one afternoon. If I have a flaw, it’s that I can’t be trusted with toys. They don’t last.

As time passed, more and more pups were leaving, and eventually we were left alone. Soon after, we also packed our stuff and left. Before we took the train home, however, humans took us for a walk in a nearby park. But then it was time to say goodbye to Anakin and head home. We’re all looking forward to seeing him again soon, and of course to coming back to Boris & Horton!

Your munchkin,

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