Apple Picking

Don’t you just love Autumn? The weather, the colors, the apple pie… Well, my humans and I took it to the next level today, and it was the most wonderful day!

We went to Outhouse Orchards—a nice little farm up in Westchester—to pick apples! It is rather far from Brooklyn: we had to take the subway to Manhattan first, and then it’s over an hour-long train ride from there. But, boy, was it worth it!

The first thing that hit me was the air—so much different from that in the city. I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it’s very fresh, and there’s just endless numbers of different smells. On the other, garbage was nowhere to be found, and you know how much I love to stick my nose in that. Regardless, it was quite pleasant and interesting, so I curiously sniffed away. Having said that, I’m still a city girl, and there’s just no substitute for the stinky New York City streets.

The orchard had that remote feeling to it. We had arrived in the morning, so not many people were there. Everything seemed so still and calm; you could certainly get lost in your thoughts. We picked up a bag and made our way towards the apples!

It was a beautiful Autumn day, a perfect weather for apple picking. Of course, I couldn’t help with the actual picking, on account of having no hands, so for most of the time I was free to roam around the trees on the endless fields of grass. It was extremely hard to focus at first, with all the things to smell and see, but I certainly got used to it and made a few rounds chasing humans or being chased by them. You know how crazy I get sometimes. When I get in the mood, it feels I have endless energy. But I don’t. After a few minutes of madness, I had to sit down and catch my breath. All three of us sat on a side and shared a fresh, juicy, delicious apple.

We only stayed there for a few hours but I was completely drained towards the end. Exhausted, yet proud of the full bag of tasty apples we had picked. I know technically it were my humans who did the work, but don’t fool yourself—they would have never made it without my mental support. On our way back, we met some other pups visiting the orchard, which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. We ended our tour with visiting a little pumpkin market—how very autumnal of us. Our way back home didn’t seem as long. I must have dozed off at some point. It’s good to be home and finally rest my head on the couch, but once I fall in deep sleep, I’m pawsitive my dreams will be of an apple orchard.

Your munchkin,


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