About Me

Greetings doggos and humans!

My name is Lilly. I got one brown eye and one blue eye, which is pretty special. Humans always ask if I’m blind or if my blue eye is real. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it, I was just born cute like that. My favorite things are chicken and naps. I also like my two humans so I let them pet me and rub my belly until I get bored and hide under the bed. But I always come out in the morning for some cuddles and kisses. They need those.

Humans are silly but I love them. We do all kinds of stuff together. I especially like long trips in the city because they always bring some snacks for me. I’ll do anything for those! Plus I get to meet so many dogs and smell their butts: it’s awesome! Anyway, here is where I’ll report on our adventures and keep you up to date with what’s up. But now I gotta run cause it’s nap time again. Stay tuned!

Your munchkin,