About My Humans

In my Brooklyn apartment, I live with two lovely humans. Even though I’m often difficult—but let’s face it, what pup isn’t—I love them very much. Yes, they insist on giving me a bath every week or so, but I know they always do what’s best for me, which I really appreciate, even if I don’t always show it.

Loren, my human mom, is a nurse. She works in a hospital, which is a kind of vet clinic for humans (which sounds like a terrifying place if you ask me). She works the night shift, so she mostly sleeps during the day, which is awesome, because I have a nap buddy day and night. Sometimes, we pick her up from the train station on our morning walk. I get super excited when I see her. She loves baking and sometimes she makes me some delicious treats.

MichaƂ, my human dad, even though somewhat old, is still in school. He’s a Pup-hD student. I’m not sure what that is, but I heard him say he’s gonna be a dogtor. But not the vet kind (bullet dodged). Something about computers, really boring stuff, since it doesn’t involve food, naps or belly rubs, so it’s pretty much pointless. But I accept him as he his, especially since he gives me all the belly rubs I need after work.

My mom is a more strict pawrent. She always makes me finish my food, gives me showers, and calls me out for making a mess and ripping my toys apart. My dad, on the other hand, is more laid back, he always defends me when I misbehave, and often spoils me with plenty of treats. But I love them both equally, because I know they always have my best interest in mind. My favorite thing is to curl up between them in bed. That’s where I feel the happiest. We’re one happy family.