Butler Finds Home

Hi, there. My name is Butler. I’m a puppy, born last October, which makes me merely 3 months old. I know what you’re thinking: what is a 3-month-old puppy doing learning how to write before properly learning how to aim at a wee-wee pad? And typically, you would be right to ask that. But I am no typical puppy. I’m special. My pawrents say so, and I know they wouldn’t lie to me. But I get ahead of myself. Before I tell you more about my amazing family, let me first tell you the story of how we met.

I’m a little hazy about that morning. All I remember is that some nice ladies picked us up—me and my brothers and sisters from my litter—from my foster pawrents’ house and put us in a van with a bunch of other dogs. For some reason they didn’t want us to play with each other, so they separated us from the others, which was okay for me because I needed a nap anyway. The very next thing I remember is being handed over to my pawrents.

I was a little shaken up but that’s quite understandable. I didn’t exactly know what was going on. But I quickly realized that something great was happening. What convinced me was the looks on their faces. They looked like nothing happier could ever happen to them. Soon enough, I would be feeling this way, too. Once they finished some paperwork, I said goodbye to the van ladies, and the three of us went shopping. We bought me a crate, some toys, and snacks. Then, I took my first Subway ride.

Soon after, we arrived at my new home, where a surprise waited for me: a big sister! Her name is Lilly, and she’s the best sister I could wish for. True, we started off very cautiously. When she first saw me, she didn’t exactly start jumping up and down from excitement. We simply said hi to one another by sniffing each other’s butts. We did play a little after, but I could tell she didn’t put all her heart into it. There was no real intimacy to our timid jumps and tail shakes. But the more we played, the better we felt about it, and we really have grown inseparable over those past weeks. We love playing together, though sometimes she can’t keep up with me. She also doesn’t like when I steal her toys or bite her tail, and she growls at me when I do. I don’t take it personally, though; I know she only wants to teach me how to be a good pup.

But more about that in the coming posts. As far as my first day home goes, not much else happened. With all the excitement of meeting my family, I got pretty worn out. My eyes were shutting down, as I was falling asleep in my human’s arms. Eventually, I dozed off on a little pillow I found on the floor. I had such a good nap, it quickly became my favorite pillow. And that’s saying something because there is no shortage of cozy pillows, beds, and blankets at home.

At my home.

Always at your service,

PS. Remember those van ladies? They have more puppies who need happy homes. Check out for details!

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