Industry City

This morning, the three of us got out of bed early. Usually, this means a family hangout day, especially with decent weather outside, as it was. Until around noon, both humans had been busy, but surely enough, we finally set out for another little trip.

First, we had to stop by a pharmacy. You know how it is with humans and their errands. They always go around buying stuff, or doing laundry. They can’t just stay put and relax. I have never done laundry in my life, and I’m totally fine. But I digress…

After that, we headed towards a subway station. I don’t really mind trains. Cars are another story, I always get sick in those, but trains are alright. A little stinky, but that doesn’t bother me much, nothing wrong with something to sniff. If only they ran on time, but that’s a whole other topic.

We took a Manhattan bound train but didn’t go as far as that. We got off only a few stops away, around Sunset Park. Though we didn’t go to the park either. Instead, we made our way the opposite direction, towards Industry City.

Industry City is composed of a few old industrial buildings, with quite a few attractions inside. We don’t usually hang out indoors, seeing as few places allow dogs inside (I know, crazy, right?). But here we were, walking around food courts and shops like nobody’s business.

Still, we found nice seats in an area outside between buildings. The minute we settled down, though, one of my humans disappeared behind the door leading to the food court. Naturally, I panicked, and stared at the door until she came back with a tray of food. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to eat it, though I did get some chicken jerky, which is my favorite. We sat there for a while, taking it easy, then walked around the premises. There’s a bunch of interesting places over there: funny little sculptures, nice cafes, even a chocolate factory! I highly recommend to check it out.

Of course for me hands down the best place was a big pet store, with nice treat smells in the air and countless toys to choose from. Having considered all the possibilities, we settled on a fluffy bear, which I can’t wait to play with.

With sun slowly coming down, we said goodbye to Industry City. But before calling it a day, we had one more stop to make. Maybe Bush Terminal Park isn’t the largest out there but it certainly has a nice view over the bay, downtown and the Statue of Liberty.

We didn’t hang around for long because it was late and it had gotten cold already. We sat for several minutes and enjoyed the view before heading back to the subway station. We took the train home, and that was it, another successful adventure was behind us. I can’t wait for another but first we need to sleep for a day or two to get back in shape. Stay tuned.

Your munchkin,

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