Coney Island

Today, we took the subway again but, interestingly enough, the south-bound train this time. Initially, it took me by surprise but then a dreadful thought came to me: it’s a haircut day! That must be it, I thought, as we came to a stop in the station by the groomer. I can take the haircut just fine, but the thing is that first they give you a shower, and then another one once they’re done! And showers I hate… My heart was beating hard in nervous anticipation. The doors opened. We sat still. The doors closed. Once we moved along, I could finally calm down and relax—no haircut today.

We took that train all the way to the last stop, to a place I’ve never been to before, called Coney Island. Once we left the station, I felt something strange but very pleasant. There was just something in the air, a gentle, salty breeze that filled my curious nostrils. I was anxious to find out what it was.

First, however, we walked across a small lunapark, full of bizarre contraptions carrying screaming humans. A truly puzzling thing, though, was that they seemed to get inside them voluntarily, as if risking lives is something fun. Pawrsonally, I think that’s insane, and I would never let my humans do such a thing. I don’t know what I would do without them…

Thankfully, we didn’t stick around, and we made our way towards an adorable wooden boardwalk, where I finally saw it: a giant bathtub humans call the ocean. At first, I didn’t know what to think. Were they going to give me a shower after all? But that couldn’t be it because they brought no towels. Eventually, I came to a conclusion that I was safe for now, and I started cautiously towards the ocean.

In front of it, stretched a long area of sand: a beach. I’d never walked on a beach before, but I must admit I liked it. I got dirty quickly, however, which made me think of a shower again. Stop it!, I said to myself, just have fun and live in the moment. And that, I did.

We set up the blanket, sat down, took some pictures. But I was eager to look around, so I pulled and pulled until one of my humans agreed to go for a walk. I sniffed around, taking in all new, fascinating scents. I chased after some big, white, flying monsters. We even came near to the water to examine the ocean a little closer. I must admit, after the initial hesitance, I warmed up to it. There was something calming in the sound of the waves.

It got a little chilly after a while, so we packed our stuff and went for a walk along the boardwalk. It was crowded with people, some of them with dogs, so I met some pups on the way. It was fun: the humans got some food, we looked around a gift shop, relaxed on the bench, and soon it was time to go back. Before we left, I took a long look at the ocean. It got me thinking. There is so many fascinating things to see and places to be in this world. I hope we’ll come back to the beach sometime, but most of all, that we’ll never stop discovering new exciting adventures, always with my dear human companions.

Your munchkin,

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