First Day Of Real Spring

Today was the first day of spring. The real spring. It was supposed to start last month but so far it’s been too cold to go to the park, at least according to my humans who have been complaining about the weather for some time. Indeed, weather in Brooklyn can be quite unpawredictable. Anyway, today was the day we got to go and finally have some outdoor fun!

First, however, we had to get there, and the walk to the park was a little long for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against long walks, but nothing beats the park. And when humans kept me waiting while they were picking up their food, I was getting anxious to get there already. Plus, I don’t like when either of them disappears behind a door: makes me feel like they’re never coming back! Thankfully, though, they always do.

Finally, we arrived at the park, found a perfect spot, and humans set up what they call a picnic blanket (as if there is something wrong with grass). They entrusted me to guard their food. I was planning to beg for it at first, but the moment I sniffed it I realized there was something very fishy about it, so I simply made sure they could eat safely.

Once all the food was gone, we finally ran around the park a little. The park is not too big, but it’s alright. It’s enough to race in circles, and the sticks are good, too. I chewed several of them before I noticed it: a squirrel! I chased after it immediately, and I ran as fast as humanly (so to speak) pawssible, but as always—it got away. I’ll get one someday, mark my words.

Not all was fun, though. At one point one of my humans started walking away from our picnic spot for some unthinkable reason. I watched in disbelief, as he was walking farther and farther away. I would have ran after him right away but, see, I was on the leash, and I could only stare, and withstand this agony. Eventually, he came back; it turned out he was only throwing away some garbage, so all ended well.

All in all, we had a fun trip to the park, short as it was. To be pawrfectly honest, I was quite tired by the time we got home. Trips are fun but there’s no place like home: with a comfy bed, and much, much belly rubs. Till the next adventure.

Your munchkin,

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